These are my fabric friends...

...the people I collaborate with on a regular basis. They are people whose work has a natural affinity to my own as a fabric and quilt designer.We are geographically all over the country. As we move on down the road of life, I will keep you posted of what we are up to together.


Kristine Poor

Poorhouse Quilting

Kristine Poor is a quilt designer who enjoys sharing the joy of quilting with others. She is currently focusing on quilted bags. Her designs are based on her view that quilters can develop their skills with smaller projects which free the quilter to experiment with color, methods and tools. Kristine has a love for fabric and design and a background in Mechanical Engineering.

Kristine is the author of the fabulous and very handy book: Sew and Go Totes. See it on page four of Books, Kits, and Patterns. She also designed the beautiful Turning Leaves Tote on page 2 of the same section.

Visit Kristine's website!

Dustin Farrell

Country Stitchin'

Dusty is a longarm quilting artist. He has been drawing and painting ever since he can remember. For him, quilting is a wonderful way to express his talent. Dusty’s work is all free hand. There is no computer attached to his longarm, no panagrams to follow, and no drawing on the quilts. He is continually going to classes and shows to develop his own unique style. Dusty has demonstrated in several local, state, and national shows for Nolting Manufacturing and will be demonstrating at several national shows in 2010. He is always taking classes for inspiration and a sketch book is never out of his reach. Dusty has been published in several magazines including American Quilter, Fons & Porter's Easy Quilts, and Fabric Trends.

Dusty and his wife own “Country Stitchin”, a quilt shop in Northwestern Pennsylvania where he enjoys keeping busy with customer and shop projects. Have a longarm question, give Dusty a call. His voicemail says: "I'm either quilting or hunting. Please leave a message."

I have had the pleasure of seeing Dusty's quilting artistry on two of my quilt designs, the Dream Garden quilt and The Twinkling Star quilt both on page 1 in the Books, Kits & Patterns section of this website. I will be adding close-up details of his work soon. I've also just received another fine sample of his artistry on my quilt pattern, "Jake's Escalator" to be published soon in Fons & Porter's Easy Quilts

Contact Dusty by email at or check out his website at

Joan Hawley

Lazy Girl Designs

Joan Hawley started being Lazy in 1997. In her own words "Have you ever found the perfect purse? Does a single perfect purse exist, or is perfection achieved through a collection of purses that when combined, meet all of our needs? I don't know. I guess since I'm still designing them for myself, my collection is incomplete. Or my definition of perfection changes over time. I have discovered that there is a little 'Lazy' in most of us. I have fun with my designs and I hope you do, too."

The fact is I adore her designs and I love the Mirandabag Joan made for me. Here's a link to my review of the bag on my blog: Travels with Miranda. And here's a link to Joan's design process while working to design my very own darling Miranda bag.

Her blog is fabulous, go there or be square:

Pamela Zave

Pamela Zave Color Quilts

Pamela is a research computer scientist during the day, an exquisitely talented art quilter during the night. She's also my very own UrbanAmish test subject. If you visit my blog, you can see what we've been up to together.

Visit Pamela's for a visual treat.