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What is Urban Amish? (or Home Alone)

Most of the time when I'm not being some kind of illustrator or graphic designer, I'm a contemporary fabric designer. That is the activity that makes me happiest. I work at home alone. As a result, I mostly only have myself to talk to.

Most of the conversations have to do with textile design and how it relates to quilting design. Or... quilt designs and how they relate to textile design.

I feel we are at an unusual point in textile history where for the first time fabrics are being developed specifically for use in quilts.There is a focused synergy going on that we are just beginning to tap between the quilter and the textile designer... and all the hybrid creatures in between.

In the past, before the resurgence of interest in quiltmaking right around the late 1970's, quilts were primarily made from fabrics intended for other purposes other than quilts: clothing, curtains, feedsacks.

We no longer live in that world.

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