Welcome to the hub web site for Yolanda Fundora's textile design, fine art, graphic design and illustration work.

I do a lot of things to earn my living. All of them however have to do with the visual arts because there is nothing else that I will do as happily and with such total delight.

The distinctions between one activity and the other in my mind are tenuous at best. The areas constantly cross-pollinate one another.

I realize this can be quite confusing to people so I've created this new hub-style website in order to hopefully give a bit of order to the information I have posted all over the web.

My fine art site is the oldest but soon it too will be completely integrated within this framework.Presently the Illustration, Fine Art,Graphic Design & Web Design tabs at the left all point back to that site.

You can contact Yolanda at yolandafundora@urban-amish.com