All fabrics on this page are from "Earthlight" blender collection designed by Yolanda V. Fundora for Blank Textiles

Jeweled Tulip Pillow

Jeweled Tulip Pillow in Earthlight Fabrics designed by Yolanda Fundora. Pattern for quilt available.

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Earthlight Ruby
Earthlight Ivory
Earthlight Amethyst

Earthlight Ruby (SOLD OUT)

Earthlight Ivory (Sold Out)
Earthlight Amethyst (Sold Out)
Earthlight Topaz
Easrthlight Malachite
Earthlight Jade
Earthlight Topaz
Earthlight Malachite (Sold Out)
Earthlight Jade
Eathlight Citrine
Earthlight Amber
Earthlight Emerald
Earthlight Citrine
Earthlight Amber
Earthlight Emerald (1/2 yd left)
Earthlight Lapis
Earthlight Peridot
Earthlight Ebony
Earthlight Lapis (Sold Out) Earthlight Peridot (SOLD OUT) Earthlight Ebony


The Story Behind Earthlight

Inspiration for Earthlight

Earthlight literally sprang out of the earth itself. It began at a walk at our local arboretum on a glorious sunnily bright fall day to see the trees put on their yearly color show. I was walking with my partner, a research scientist by day and art quilter by night, when she off-handedly bent over to pick up a leaf that had caught her eye and remarked what a beautiful textile design it's markings would make. She was so right. The walk continued but nowI lagged behind her now intent on peering closely at every leaf that caught my eye. By the time we returned to the car my arms were loaded with leaf treasures to cart home to my studio where I played over the next month or so trying to capture in a repeat the design the textures, luminosity and fascination of the fall colors that day. In the image you can see the leaf that started it all. It's number seven if you count left to right. You can see still within the fabric now if you look closely.

Leaf inspiration

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